One Month

My baby boys,

Today marks one month since you forever changed me and Papa’s life. During my pregnancy I loved the idea of you two boys, but I knew once I saw you I would fall madly in love- and I was right. The doctors tell me you’re identical, but not to me. Each one of you are uniquely different in looks and personality.


Your momma’s big boy. You have an insatiable appetite! It sometimes drives me crazy because I know you can’t fit anymore milk in that small belly of yours. However, even knowing that, sometimes I cave and give you a “snack” (usually about an ounce or so) between feeding times. Nana calls you a “tank” because at this point you are the bigger of the two. You grew so fast in the last two weeks that I cry sometimes and want time to SLOW DOWN. You have a gentle and patient demeanor (except when your hungry and that statement is no longer applicable). Your such a good baby and you love to cuddle with me. Your spirit now reflects the kind of baby you were in the womb. I almost never felt you kick me unless I was at the doctors office. It’s like you knew and wanted an audience. They always commented on how active you were and I could only reply, “right..”. I have a little song for you and it goes like this, ” Jamie the baby, Jamie the delay” (2). I’ll sing it to you someday when your older. 


I call you Little Liam. At two weeks you and Jameson weighed the same but you carry your weight differently. Your head is narrow like your mom’s and your hair is, dare I say, red? In normal light it looks like a light brown, but when the sunlight hits, your hair is an unmistakable shade of red. Your papa was afraid you two weren’t going to look a thing like him and it’s turning out to be quite the opposite. You are my twin with the most energy! Minutes out of the womb, you were the first to open your eyes and take in the world. You are always alert and make a perfect “blue steel” look. When you were 2 weeks old we nicknamed you dinner bell because you are always the one to signal us when it was time to eat. And you have a song too and it goes like this: “Llliiaammm, little little Llliiaammm”. Upon request, I will sing this tune to you as well when you’re older. 

This entry is for you, but it is largely in part for me. I know how swift, precious and short this season is and I’m a lover of the small details in life. I don’t want to forget your unique quirks, your daily routines because before you know it, the tot stage will begin and this arduous, but beautiful stage of your life will fade from our memories. I thank God for you daily and I’m happy God called me to be your mother. I love you boys!