Hells Canyon


I know this post is coming a bit late, but I wanted to share with you our getaway to Idaho for Fourth of July weekend. We planned the trip to Idaho because Samuel had bought two riverboat tours on Groupon. We got a killer deal and also coordinated with our friends to come with us. The weather was dry and hot and it reached 105°F. With the weather so intense, it was refreshing to be on a boat for eight hours. The touring company is called Beamers Hells Canyon Tours (http://www.hellscanyontours.com) and the tour itself started early in the morning.


Our captain narrated during the whole duration of the tour. He was incredibly savvy on all the history behind the canyon and the wildlife that lived in that area. I believe the river we were riding down was the Snake River. We even saw a family of goats along the way.

After the first hour and a half we stopped for coffee and pastries at a lodge along the river so the boat could fill up on gas. Once we were four hours down the river we stop for lunch where we took the plunge and swam in the river. It was so incredibly hot that day, so that water felt absolutely amazing. The number of people that the boat can accommodate is a good-sized group of maybe 20 people (I didn’t get an exact count). It was fun seeing people who barely knew each other by the end of the day where spraying each other with super soakers to cool down.


After lunch we made our slow way back to the starting point, which takes approximately four hours. All in all, it was a fun experience and I would recommend it for anybody who loves the water, adventure and doesn’t mind making the trip out to Idaho.

What were your plans for Fourth of July?