Honeymoon Journal Series (Part 7)- Mürren, Switzerland

Howdy, Samuel here. I was asked by my darling wife to help give an account of our greatest adventure to date. Switzerland. The land of mountains and vast green landscapes. Of milk and cheese. Of herding cows and base jumpers in squirrel suits. I will pick up our story as we venture into the Alps.

Mürren, Switzerland

St. Beatus – Interlaken –  Lauterbrunnen – Mürren

Our day began with an early breakfast though the sun was already situated high above the Swiss Alps, casting a majestic blue reflection on Lake Thun. We wandered from our overnight stay at rustic Hotel Beatus, down a steep walkway, and arrived on the ferry docks below. Now here on the edge of what I can only describe as the most beautiful lake I have ever gazed upon, I faced regret. Everything in us wanted to forget our plans of travel and swim. So I did…

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After drying off we boarded our ship and slowly motored our way through blue heaven… Arriving in Interlaken, a small city nestled between two lakes, we stocked up on hiking poles and caught the train East. More unexpected beauty as we chugged our way alongside a fast-paced river and officially breached the Alps. Vivid green to milky white the peaceful rolling hills rose steeply into mountainous snow-laden crags on all sides…. We reached Lauterbrunnen, a small town nestled in the valley among hundreds of waterfalls… Here the tracks ended and we would have to continue our trek via gondola. Upwards followed by another short train ride we finally arrived at our destination of Mürren.

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5,400 feet along a shear drop the village stands perched and clinging to the Mountain. We stashed our bags at the Blumental Hotel and discovered a pasta, local bier and a frightening view at a nearby restaurant…

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We spent what was left of the afternoon exploring the tiny shops and meandering the traffic-free streets only to be rushed indoors by a thunderstorm. For the remainder of our stay in Mürren, we would discover every afternoon held a harsh thunder shower that would dissipate as quickly as it appeared. For an hour we cuddled indoors then enjoyed a stroll long enough to glimpse rainbows along the mountaintops before the evening light faded to dark.

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Tschüss Everyone!