Island Hopping: Orcas Island


This summer we spent a few weekends exploring the San Juan Islands. First, we explored Orcas Island and camped at Moran State park. What a gorgeous island! If you would like to spend some time on the island please be sure you make a ferry reservation and anticipate the ferry ride to be about 1 1/2 hours long. We didn’t know about the reservations and had to wait on standby. Luckily the next ferry was able to take us, but we remembered to make reservations in the future.

From the ferry it’s a short ride to the state park (from what I can recall it was about 20 minutes). There are no showers available, but I didn’t mind because we were only staying for a short duration.

Moran Lake state in right across from Cascade Lake where they have kayak rentals, ice cream and a small park where everyone can enjoy an outdoor gathering. We found a little nook away from the chaos (very busy in the summertime) and hung up our hammock. We read books, laid in the grass and climbed trees. A very relaxing time indeed.




Another day we decided to hike up Mount Constitution. The summit was beautiful and you could see a perfect layout of the San Juan Islands from the tower.

Island life is soothing and relaxing, even the deer weren’t disturbed by our presence!