Honeymoon Journal Series (Part 5)- Heidelberg, Germany


Hello Everyone!

I hope you’ve had a good start to the 2014! Did anyone set any New Years Resolutions?

Today I’ll be sharing Part 5 of the Honeymoon Journal Series and I’ll be sharing my experience in Heidelberg! It’s one of my favorite places in Germany not only because of the beautiful castle, but also because of it’s quaint and charming feel.

Heidelberg, Germany

“We left Moselkern rejuvenated, embarrassed, and excited for our next adventure. Why was I embarrassed you may ask? During our hike to Burg Eltz we had lost track of time and returned an hour after check out! I had washed some of my delicates the night before and left them to dry on the balcony.

The first thing I thought when the bartender showed us our bags was, “Oh…where’s my underwear?” My panic must have been plain on my face because the man (bless his heart) pointed to the side pocket and stated, “They are in here.”

With our bags on our backs and looking similar to mules, we spent the day confined to hot, stuffy trains. But alas, we arrived finally when the sunset was setting. For having sat on a train all day- we were exhausted!

Samuel booked us the most amazing hotel room close to the Old Bridge and if you stood on the bridge you could see Schloss Heidelberg in plain sight. It was perched on a hill above the small college town.

Because Rick Steve’s recommended to bypass Hiedelberg, Samuel was urging us to pick another city instead. However touristy it may be, some places people flock to for good reasons! When I last came here in 2006. We spent almost six hours in this small idyllic town. When I left I still didn’t get my fill of it.

It’s near a university, so it’s bustling with college folk and has many restaurants and outside seating. Our hotel was right by an alleyway that had restaurant outside seating lined on both sides!

Wherever you look people were socializing and drinking beer. It was an amazing thing to experience. Although there was some occasions at 3:00am I wanted the people to disappear so I could get some rest.”