Have you heard of NeedToBreathe?

They opened for Taylor Swift last September and they blew me away!
The use a myriad of instruments (my favorite’s the banjo!). I would classify them as Indie Grunge Rock.

Needless to say, I became a NTB fan that night. When I came home
I went on their site to buy their CD when I saw this notice on their blog:

8pm @ the tractor tavern


My friend Sarah and I went to the show the next day. It was small and inimate and we were in the first row! There were probably only 50 people there. Sweet, right?

I went to their show this March and lets just say…things got bigger.

They bands venue got bigger, the attendance was higher and their show effects were bigger.

All in all an AMAZING band. Check’em out.

Adventure Awaits


The above photo was taken at Discovery Park (Seattle). Call me bias, but I think I live in one beautiful state!

What’s your favorite park to explore?

Discovery Park has a myriad of amazing features including buffs, beach, tall grass trails and a lighthouse. If you find yourself in the Seattle area. Go check it out.

Have an adventurous weekend!



What’s on your summer wish list?

Besides sunny weather, which can be rather sparce in WA, I’m hoping to find a hiking backpack, one that I can carry all my belongings in and wander the world.

Leave me a comment with some recs.

Adventure Awaits


What are you all up to this weekend?

This is my last weekend of relaxation before summer mayhem hits. We’re thinking about a date night in Seattle.

Any restuarant recommendations?

Its also my little sister birthday, so I’m looking forward to some awesome cake!