New Beginnings


3 phone interviews

2 on-site interviews

2 facility walk-throughs

Weeks and weeks of waiting

2 signed offer letters

Drug test

Background check

And after all of that, I’m happy to announce that I will be moving onto my next career endeavor! It’s a season of new beginnings and I couldn’t be more thrilled about the exciting new developments unfolding.

I will be working as a QA Technician for an Aerial Lift/Boom manufacturing facility located in Redmond, WA. Currently, I work in the natural supplement industry, but I am interested to be exploring another quality position in a different field.

With my new employment also comes a move for our family. We will be relocating to Kirkland and Sam’s commute will be shortened to eight minutes and mine will be the same (about 15 minutes). We’ve pretty much secured an apartment already, but are just finalizing the small details.

What a crazy experience this has all been! One month ago I would not have guessed this would be happening. I had just resided to the fact that I would be at the same place in life…FOREVER. Scary.

However, I am embracing this new beginning! All the changes might be overwhelming, yes, but I can already see the opportunity to grow. I’ve learned this lesson- get out of your comfort zone! Push your boundaries because only then will you meet your full potential. 

Dream big, my friends.


(Photo by: Joy Yagi)



Hello Everyone-

I know this post is somewhat overdue, but WE ARE MARRIED!

It was an amazing, outdoorsy and intimate wedding. It took nine months of planning but with the support of all our family and friends it turned out just perfect.

I’ll start posting about our European honeymoon. It will be in journal style since I kept a journal while we were traveling.