Nuremberg, Germany & the Christmarkt






When we arrived to Nuremberg, I was surprised. I don’t know what I was expecting, but how medieval the town looked startled me. The weather that day was also very cloudy which added to the dreary impression. Our hotel was about a 5 minute walk from the main Christmarkt and immediately we ventured out to visit “the biggest Christmarkt in Germany”. It was massive with a surplus of vendors with various goods. The crowds were insane and we had to shuffle with arms at our sides and waddling like penguins to move along.

Gingerbread or Lebkuchen originated in Nuremberg, so naturally we bought some to take home. I’ve come to realize that everything in America is exponentially sweeter! The Lebkuchen is mostly in cookie form, not in a loaf. It was very mild in sweetness and light. We went to a nearby gingerbread store and bought music tins filled with Lebkuchen to bring back to our families. I also spotted a gingerbread cookie that looked like an Angel and thought it was darling. I purchased it and marveled at how rock hard the cookie was. I attempted to break off a piece but to no avail. Eric Gray broke off the top piece and ate it and it wasn’t until seconds later I realized it was painted and a decoration! We got quite the laugh out of that one. We drank more gluhwein because it kept us warm as we perused the market in the chilly December weather.

As afternoon approached and exhaustion set in we decided to find lunch and then take a nap. I was craving soup because of the cold weather and the restaurant attached to our hotel had soup on the menu. The moment we entered, I knew we had made a mistake. It was a very ritzy restaurant and all the guests were dressed very nicely. We ordered soup and were told that they stopped serving soup at 2pm… We then had to order from the main course menu and each item started at 30 or so euros. The meal was excellent all the same though. Sam and I shared a chicken curry dinner. With our bellies full we decided to take an afternoon nap.

When we all woke up we were hungry again! We discovered a Spanish-influenced tapas restaurant and the food was amazing! It was a pleasant change from all the German wurst, cheese and meats we had devoured in the last couple days. Samuel and I ordered salmon, bacon-wrapped dates and boiled potatoes with chive cream cheese. Lecker!

The next day was designated as a museum day. First, we visited the Nazi Documentation Center to learn more about the Nazi movement and later went to the Spielzeug (toy) Museum.
Naturally, because it was our last night, we checked out the Nuremberg Christmarkt for the last time. We consumed many mugs of gluhwein and bought tins upon tins of gingerbread for our loved ones back home. We ate dinner in this restaurant located in a dungeon and it was an interesting experience, especially since Sam and Eric tried snails (gross). I would not succumb to their peer pressure.

And that was the end of our Christmas adventure with the Grays. Now they’re off to conquer Paris, France and the Crissingers are going to Vienna, Austria. It was a little sad to part ways, but no matter we will see each other again in Paris!