Honeymoon Journal Series (Part 1) – Frankfurt, Germany




As promised today I begin my Honeymoon Journal series. I kept entries of all the wonderful adventures we had because I didn’t want to forget a moment of it. It also helped that my dear husband took a million photos.


“We arrived in Frankfurt! The plane ride was to be expected when it comes to a twelve-hour flight…awful. But alas, to the glory of God, we preserved. Flying with Icelandic Air was a good experience. Free television, movies and music were provided but we never received the free meal? Perhaps, the ticket meant lunch/dinner options were available. But really, for a long plane ride like that I was disappointed they didn’t provide at least cookies/peanuts.

Our layover in Iceland was brief, but enjoyable (well, it was for me. I could tell Samuel was a bit flustered with the time constraints). We flew in and it was like a scene from Braveheart. Lush green grass and hills with seaside cliffs, and of course, random, quaint houses peppered throughout the land. It was raining, which reminded me a lot of home. The natives of Iceland were very distinct-very blond, very fair and very, very tall. I felt like I was a dwarf among giants! It was all very entertaining. One day, I’d like to take a little mini vacation there.

Around 12:00 (DE time) we finally made it to Frankfurt airport. I think it would suffice to say that we were over-the-moon thrilled. During the plane ride I had developed a myriad of symptoms: sore muscles, achy body, dry, scratchy and badly sore throat and a stuffy nose. This happened previously in 2006 when I last vacationed in Germany. I could be just a sensitive traveler, but both times the last people I hugged during my departure were sick siblings. Note to self- in the future, I shouldn’t come in contact with sick people. However, it was little Kai, so I don’t think I could have helped myself.

Because of lack of sleep and unfamiliarity in a foreign country, we detoured from our original plan of taking the train to Frankfurt and opted to take a taxi. We would wait until later to take on the Deutsche Bahn system. The ride was short and took less than 20 minutes. We were dropped off in front of Schiffer Café in Sachsenhausen- a cute residential area on the outskirts of the main city, but an easy walk to the main attractions. An employee at the café was holding our room key for us. We booked a cool arrangement via the booking site Airbnb.com. It was the top floor (we had to walk up about 6-7 flights of steep stairs multiple times a day! My legs felt the burn) of a recently renovated, modern-style apartment. I told Samuel it looked like an apartment straight out of an IKEA catalogue. The owner of the apartment works for the Hilton (I think at the corporate level?) and you could tell by all the commodities we were provided with. Just to name a few, we provided us with two different shampoo/conditioners, 2 different shower gels, a massaging soap bars, and a loofa. For a girl who loves to take showers and baths, I loved this place. It had a big ole’ bathtub, which you don’t see that often in Europe. Everything is on a smaller scale and showers are more common.

We both desperately needed sleep, but we also wanted to adjust to the time difference. Determined to beat jetlag, we set off to find us some traditional German cuisine.

Samuel looked into restaurants during the planning process and heard good reviews on the restaurant Atschels. Our dinner order included the following:


1 glass Apfelwein

1 glass Still Wasser

1 order of Pork shoulder


1 glass Still Wasser

1 order Frankfurter special

Two small frankfurter hot dogs on a bed of sauerkraut and a side of bread

 There were lots of meat and schnitzel options available. Boy, it would be a challenge to be a vegetarian here! I’m not really big on beef or pork, but I’ve gotten over that quickly and decided for the next two weeks to just experience what the culture has to offer.

All restaurants have outdoor and indoor seating. In the summer months the inside seating will be completely unoccupied, while the outside seating is bursting with people, conversation and laughter! The traditional style of seating is comparable to that of a long picnic bench with multiple parties at one table.

The sun was beginning to set and at that point Samuel and I had been up for more than 30 hours. We decided to end the night with gelato and found a nice “bio” -friendly Gelato café next to our apartment.

I was a satisfied Frau.”

And that’s the first part of this series! I hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned because tomorrow I’ll post more about our exploration of Frankfurt and Samuel’s first impressions of Europe.



This past summer I was in Old Town Alexandria in Virginia. I spotted this beautiful red church.


I think it was a Thursday when I spotted this place. Too bad it wasn’t Sunday or else I would have paid them a visit.

Capilano Suspension Bridge


Capilano, Vancouver BC

Complete with treetops, a cliffwalk, and a beautiful suspension bridge, the Capilano Suspension Bridge park makes the child in me giddy. We went here in celebration of my birthday back in March. This is definitely an adventure everyone would enjoy.