Stanley Park & Lemon Pie


What a weekend! Samuel and I had an amazing time in Vancouver, but wow is it good to be home. The best thing about our little getaways is that it makes me more appreciative about the abundant blessings I do have. Do you feel the same way? It seems no matter the length of time there’s always a piece of me that’s homesick. I’m such a homebody!

The morning after Valentine’s Day, Samuel had reservations for breakfast and boy was it delicious!


WHAT WE ORDERED: I ordered the Irish stew breakfast. It was a beef/lamb stew served in a personal size cast iron skillet with potatoes and veggies. Samuel had the typical potato and eggs breakfast with some fried pork belly on the side.

RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Food was amazing and atmosphere was rustic and relaxing.





Afterwards we took a bike ride around Stanley park. I loved seeing the totem poles! It was sunny that day yet very brisk, so we had to layer up. The ride was lovely and it made me excited for spring to arrive so we can go on more bike rides at home.



For our last night we splurged and went to Seasons at the Park for a nice prime rib and salmon dinner.


WHAT WE ORDERED: crab-stuffed salmon for me and the prime rib special for Sam. We ended the meal with the best lemon pie ever!

RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
The view is what gives this place most of its pizazz. The food was decent and the dessert was my favorite part.



Foodie Adventures in Vancouver, BC

Who’s feeling the love? My tummies feeling the love. My husband sure knows how to make this woman happy. We are on a foodie adventure in Vancouver, BC. We’ve experienced some delicious cuisine so far and we are not done yet! Samuel has two reservations for us tomorrow and I can’t wait. Today was the official Valentine’s Day and we celebrated with Whole Food smoothies and Theo chocolate. It was simple and perfect. Tomorrow our adventure will continue, but I wanted to first share some foodie pictures with you before I fall asleep.


WHAT WE ORDERED: naturally the currywurst (I got mine with mayo and green onion added)

RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Music was a bit louder than most restaurants I’ve been to, but food was delicious and the feel of the place was fun/quirky.





WHAT WE ORDERED: I got the liege (soft & sweet) fruity waffle & Sam ordered the crunchy chocolate mousse waffle. We went here for breakfast and I wouldn’t recommend it early in the morning (beware: upset stomach), however coming here for dessert would be an excellent idea. It’s a busy, small place with limited seating so act quick when a spot becomes available!

RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
I’m not a fan of waffles or sweets for breakfast, but it’s still worth a try!




WHAT WE ORDERED: we both ordered the special, which was the teriyaki beef sandwich with sake mayo, scallion daikon and toasted sesame. The last time we were here we ordered the porchetta and it was killer!

RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Love me a good sandwich.




Nuremberg, Germany & the Christmarkt






When we arrived to Nuremberg, I was surprised. I don’t know what I was expecting, but how medieval the town looked startled me. The weather that day was also very cloudy which added to the dreary impression. Our hotel was about a 5 minute walk from the main Christmarkt and immediately we ventured out to visit “the biggest Christmarkt in Germany”. It was massive with a surplus of vendors with various goods. The crowds were insane and we had to shuffle with arms at our sides and waddling like penguins to move along.

Gingerbread or Lebkuchen originated in Nuremberg, so naturally we bought some to take home. I’ve come to realize that everything in America is exponentially sweeter! The Lebkuchen is mostly in cookie form, not in a loaf. It was very mild in sweetness and light. We went to a nearby gingerbread store and bought music tins filled with Lebkuchen to bring back to our families. I also spotted a gingerbread cookie that looked like an Angel and thought it was darling. I purchased it and marveled at how rock hard the cookie was. I attempted to break off a piece but to no avail. Eric Gray broke off the top piece and ate it and it wasn’t until seconds later I realized it was painted and a decoration! We got quite the laugh out of that one. We drank more gluhwein because it kept us warm as we perused the market in the chilly December weather.

As afternoon approached and exhaustion set in we decided to find lunch and then take a nap. I was craving soup because of the cold weather and the restaurant attached to our hotel had soup on the menu. The moment we entered, I knew we had made a mistake. It was a very ritzy restaurant and all the guests were dressed very nicely. We ordered soup and were told that they stopped serving soup at 2pm… We then had to order from the main course menu and each item started at 30 or so euros. The meal was excellent all the same though. Sam and I shared a chicken curry dinner. With our bellies full we decided to take an afternoon nap.

When we all woke up we were hungry again! We discovered a Spanish-influenced tapas restaurant and the food was amazing! It was a pleasant change from all the German wurst, cheese and meats we had devoured in the last couple days. Samuel and I ordered salmon, bacon-wrapped dates and boiled potatoes with chive cream cheese. Lecker!

The next day was designated as a museum day. First, we visited the Nazi Documentation Center to learn more about the Nazi movement and later went to the Spielzeug (toy) Museum.
Naturally, because it was our last night, we checked out the Nuremberg Christmarkt for the last time. We consumed many mugs of gluhwein and bought tins upon tins of gingerbread for our loved ones back home. We ate dinner in this restaurant located in a dungeon and it was an interesting experience, especially since Sam and Eric tried snails (gross). I would not succumb to their peer pressure.

And that was the end of our Christmas adventure with the Grays. Now they’re off to conquer Paris, France and the Crissingers are going to Vienna, Austria. It was a little sad to part ways, but no matter we will see each other again in Paris!










Long Beach, WA


We spent a weekend this last month in Long Beach Washington. We’ve been working hard this last year and wanted to celebrate our three-year anniversary away from the bustle of everyday routine. The weather was damp and breezy and for the majority of our stay it drizzled. However, we had a grand time!

Sam did a job well done by choosing our hotel. We stayed at Adrift on Long Beach. The design was natural and their business model was eco-friendly. Instead of the cheap hotel shampoo/conditioner etc. they had my favorite all natural shampoo/conditioner brand (EO products). As soon as we checked in we got a bottle of wine, Theo chocolate and Smore’s trimmings (bonfire supplies included). What a good welcome indeed!

We had the best breakfasts (European style) and we had the most extraordinary dinners. There’s a restaurant attached to the hotel and it’s called the Pickled Fish- a peculiar name for an awesome restaurant. Because we were staying at the hotel, we got a $10 credit at the restaurant! The restaurant was a bit pricey but the food was well worth it. My favorite dish was the grilled Caesar salad. They cut a Romain lettuce in half and grilled it, so when we got the salad it was warm and comforting. It had the same ingredients as your typical Caesar salad but it was presented and cooked in a new way.

I’m going to be honest- The weather was dreary and gloomy all weekend. However, we made the most of it and did a lot of fun activities. There were Schwinn cruiser bikes available for rent at our hotel and one afternoon we decided to take a bike ride in the drizzling rain. On the same day we decided to make a bonfire for Smore’s (also in the drizzling rain).

Lastly, we made a pit stop in Astoria, OR to see the column. Boy, my legs hurt after that steep climb.

Where do you like to go for quick weekend getaways?