Christmas Eve in Vienna 

Have you ever been on vacation for the holidays? This was my first time, and although I missed my family, it was refreshing to get away from the stress of the commercialized American Christmas. 

Christmas Eve we started off by visiting the Art History Museum. No words…this place was exquisite! They even had a café in the middle of the museum where we had a quick lunch and coffee date . We spent the majority of the day exploring this museum and spent the rest of the day wandering around. Eventually all of our walking led us to St. Stephens Cathedral.

Around 5pm we returned to the hotel and got all fancied up for our Christmas Eve dinner. The dinner was served in buffet style and we ordered a bottle of wine to celebrate the occasion. I wish I could have taken more pictures, but I didn’t want to be seen as the “rude American”. We gorged ourselves on dinners with a round of appetizers, main courses and dessert. The dinner as a whole took about 2 hours- very relaxing and my kind of meal.

To end the night we attended midnight mass at St. Stephens Cathedral. I was dismayed to find that even the service was bit of a tourist spectacle. People were videotaping and taking pictures. It was absolutely insane and I wish people had more reverence. On the other hand, the ceremony itself was beautiful and they provided English translations of most of what was said. We meandered back to the hotel around 2am, tired but excited to return to Germany the next day!


  1. FATHER says

    Let me start off by saying that “The Crissingers” exude: Power, class, great looks and sophistication. You two are amazing and your journey thus far should be a blueprint to all the “Hipsters” out there lost, wandering, trying to figure things out.
    Now lets jump to the art on the ceiling. I’m stunned and cant wait for the day that i get to hold my better-half as we explore the deep history and amazing art of centuries ago in a country of the European union. I’m sure it must be hard to walk forward as your stunned with mouth agast, staring at the precision and perfection of such beautiful perfection in the genre of historical art. AMAZIng….
    The food and photos look great and the smiles make everything shine. Journey on young hipsters. Journey forth…

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