Honeymoon Journal Series (Part 6)- Thun, Switzerland

Hey All,

As our honeymoon went on, and I hate to admit it, my journal entries became less descriptive and in-depth and quickly transition into little notes in my moleskin.

That’s one thing I encourage when traveling- document your journeys! You’d be surprised at how quickly you forget them and a journal is a great way to keep every small detail alive!

Going forward, I will take a different approach with the Honeymoon Journal series and will share photos and explain the story behind them. Sound good? I promise to keep comprehensive entries during our Christmas vacation this year.

Anyway, let me walk you through our first day in Switzerland….

ImageGetting to Switzerland was no cake walk. I think we spent nearly seven hours hopping from train to train. After lounging about in Heidelberg for three days it was a difficult transition. But no matter, we said our farewells to brats & beer and said hello to beautiful creation. Switzerland is full of gorgeous landscapes. The photo above is where we stayed at for the first night. It was situated right above Lake Thun.


Because of the long train ride, we arrived in the late afternoon, but were set on making the most of our partial day. We set out to St. Beatus Caves and took a tour through the caves with a tour guide who spoke German in an Australian accent! It was a bit confusing to understand, but we still enjoyed the tour!


And the finale photo…this was the view at the top of the caves! AMAZING #nofilter #nophotoshop







  1. POPS says

    I think it’s wonderful how we can so easily connect and share our lives and photos with friends, family and the world. Just a simple snap then post…When I was in my 20’s photos and sharing was a bit more complicated..It consisted of buying a roll of film, taking the photos, dropping them off at then developer and about a week later you could pick up your film to see the results of your photographic prowess. You see what i mean much more complicated and then you would have to connect with friends physically to share the photos…
    With that said the photos in this blog are decorated with expansive smiles from the husband and wife. The architecture of the bridges, big and small, is certainly world class.
    If i could give an opinion i would say parachute into your blog some photos of the cuisine you’ve been savoring and the coffee you’ve been sippn and while your at throw in some captures of your sweets. Nothing peeks my interest more than tasty morsels and piping hot coffee than photos of the above mentioned…
    Travel on youngsters, hipsters. Can’t wait to stay connected to your journeys….

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