Honeymoon Journal Series (Part 3)- Germany’s Rhine River Valley


Next stop on the Honeymoon journal series- Rhine River Valley! Just a word of caution- it was extremely hot that day and we washingtonians don’t do well in hot weather. My tone might reflect my  anger with the scorching sun and my heavy backpack. You have been warned… 🙂

Rhine River Valley, Germany

“Wednesday morning we cleaned the apartment, packed our bags and headed down to the train station. Because we’re on our honeymoon, I conceded to going to McDonalds for breakfast with no argument. Samuel was thrilled!

We bought the Quer-Durchs Land Ticket, which gave us unlimited train passes for the day. There is no one to check your train pass before you board the train, but they do conduct spontaneous, random pass checks every now and then. Samuel and I had rode many trains by now and our passes have been checked three times. However, you don’t want to be caught without one because 1) its embarrassing and 2) the penalty for not having a pass is a 50 ticket!

We did a lot of traveling that day, so below is the stops we made and adventures along the way.

Frankfurt Süd > Frankfurt HBF >Mainz > Bacharach…

O’ Bacharach, it was a lovely town with a quaint, medieval feel. We had lunch there and ordered a big salad with flammkuchen. After being here for three days I’ve collected many food recipes to come home with and flammkuchen is one of them! Flammkuchen s an Alsatian dish composed of bread dough rolled out very thin in the shape of a rectangle (traditionally) or circle, which is covered with crème fraîche, thinly sliced onions and lardons.

Next, we hiked up a very steep hill to reach the Bacharach castle. The view was amazing and we could see the entire city from our lookout. Visitors can’t explore the castle much because it was converted into a hostel. Afterward, we were exhausted from all the hiking and traveling, so we decided to take a nap in a park with our hammock. Yep, we took the hammock to Europe too. How could we not?

Samuel had planned for us to get to our next destination, St. Goar, via boat cruise. When we awoke from our nap, we had about 20 minutes to kill before the next boat arrived. It was blazing hot that day and I wanted so badly to jump in the river, but the water was brown and swift, and I noticed the natives weren’t swimming off of the banks. Again, the natives probably knew something I didn’t so I just followed their lead and didn’t follow the impulse to cannonball into the water, but only dipped my toes in. I remember seeing the boat coming and thinking, “My, that boat is crowded!” I scanned for available seats on the upper deck, but couldn’t find any. We would have better luck grabbing some seats when people left at different stops. I was just fine with sitting inside though. I wanted a break from the hot weather and ordered an apfelschorle inside. Samuel ordered the most tasty grapefruit beer. I’m hoping to find it when we get back to the states. It’s called Schoffhoffer Grapefruit beer.

When we arrived in St. Goar we had been traveling for seven hours (9am-4pm). We had planned to hike up to the castle in St. Goar, but we didn’t have the energy left in us. All we wanted to do was to get to our hotel ASAP and relax, plus, of course, I was hungry.

At this point my weird aliments had not subsided. I was truly sick and had the works- congestion, runny nose (had to wipe my nose every 2 minutes), dizziness, nausea and lethargy. I’ve got an amazing husband who is so patient and takes care of me. I know I’m one lucky lady because I know how grumpy and unpleasant I can be when I’m sick. Man, I love my husband.

St. Goar > Koblenz…

We made a pit stop in Koblenz to pick up some cold medicine and tissues for my cold. I was so grateful the pharmacist spoke English. At that point we hadn’t picked up a German-English dictionary and it would have been terribly difficult to translate. We made an attempt to find food, but that ended in frustration and tears, so we were holding out and praying that Moselkern would offer some dinner options for us.

Koblenz > Karden…

Oops we took the wrong train and ended up in a town a little passed Moselkern.

Karden > Moselkern…

The owner of Hotel Moselkern was very warm and welcoming to us. He recognized us and knew we were Rick Steve’s fans because usually only Rick Steve fans come to the small country village of Moselkern. Our dinner consisted of a hearty salad with a vegetable pancake. It was scrumptious and resembled a thicker French crepe.

All the travel and train hopping was getting to us and our energy levels were depleting. Samuel and I headed for bed and praising God we made it to our destination safely.”

And that was our adventure through Germany’s Rhine River Valley. I hope you enjoyed all the pictures.

Have you visited Germany before? Leave me a comment on the highlights of your trip! I would love to hear all about it.

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